Help where you can


She said this to me

Save me,

Embrace me,

Stop me falling

Into decline,

Save me

I am in slavery,

From my insane mind,

Because I am so lost

And I’ve paid a heavy cost,

Of being mindless

And living regardless

Of all my intuitions

And ignoring synchronicity

Because I was blind

And to ignorant to see or believe,

The spiritual surrounding me,

And I slipped in to debauchery

And now I hate myself,

Is there anything I can do to dave myself

And I said, ‘yes, it’s obvious’

And I told her to forgive herself

And be kind and love herself

Because if she does no one else will,

And no one’s ever perfect,

So trust it will be OK,

All she needs is to want better for herself in each and every way,

And I think it helped her

Because now she’s looking better everyday,

It just goes to show and prove how helping can bring about change.

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