Whatever turns you on

Whatever turns you on

She said she’s been naughty,

She told him she needs some punishment,

He said he’s not normally in to that

But for her he would interact,

She said she needs a spanking,

It took him totally by suprise

But then he gave her she wanted,

Then he saw the enjoyment in her eyes,

It was then he realised,

People have strange and weird cravings.

He recalled the memory,

Her bent her over his knee,

Lifted up her short tight skirt,

Warmed his hand upon her firm ripe cheeks,

Made them red but hoped it never hurt,

He found this unusual

But it seemed she was into this,

He then lifted her and they kissed,

He took her to her bed

And they achieved bliss,

Unforgettable moments like this,

He felt made life worth it

And she loved the way he spank her

And she loved how he treated her,

Dominating but in a caring way,

People you see are very strange

And can act in weird ways

But I won’t judge or complain,

Because it’s people like this who make life

A little more exciting

A little more enticing

It’s a subtle mix of spices

That makes life incredible.

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