Her abundant needs

Her passion was abundantly profuse

As he used and abused

Her body in a way that she needed

She conformed to his touch

Consented to this lust

From a man that was a friend

She knew would in the end

Tease her body, tingle her skin

Make her essence flow within

She knew there was very little love

But she never needed that much

She just yearn the physical touch

And desired the thrust

And the strength and his might

As she gripped him tight

In the darkness of her kitchen

As her husband was sleeping

Laid back on the table

She was willing and able

As a wife she was neglected

Invisible and dejected

Felt physically rejected

Until this moment in time

Where she felt her body burning

As it arched and was squirming

Her muscles fully clenched

Her clothes were sweat drenched

But her ache needed to be quenched

As she went to such lengths

To feel alive once again

He did all that she needed

And even exceeded

And very definitely succeeded

In helping her reach her peak

In whispered tones they speak

But only lustful passionate things

That she never thought she would say

But carried away

On a tide of sensual bliss

She clung to each kiss

In case the climax she would miss

She badly needed this

When he left she was supine on the table

Exhausted and unable to move or barely talk

Knees to weak to walk

And though something said this was wrong

And should not have done

This act on the table

Was it a betrayal

If your denied certain needs

Is a suprise that you see

The answer in another

And decide to take a love

Just to ease the physical needs

And the warmth that you seek.

Via:Daily Prompt: Profusion

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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