New age

Mist covered moorlands

Covering the bracken and the wild flowers that profligate there,

Low lying clouds hovering over the top of the castle on the hill

It’s ancient walls displayed in splendour

As the early rays of sun break in patches through the clouds

The stain glass in the elongated windows twinkle in prisms

As the sun does of the panes

The early morning bird dawn chorus chirps out loud

Wind blows so very softly

Fluttering the regal flags

Flying on the battlements.

The the sound of distant hooves can be heard

Across the mist covered moorland

And then a rider comes into view

Riding on a pure white stallion

The rider sits atop with a graceful and classy manner

Travelling at looping easy gallop

Towards the castle walls

And as the head towards it the drawbridge is lowered down

And suddenly you can hear the trumpet sounds

Breaking across the early morning.

In the cobblestone courtyard

The rider stops in the courtyard

And dismounts from their horse

Without a word

And people gather around to watch the spectacle

And the figure is clear to see now

Is the warrior Queen clad in leather and lace

And she reaches into

The saddle bag on her horse

And pulls out the head of man dishevelled and coarse

And she raises it aloft to the female crowd

And says that is the end of masculine rule now

The power of the feminine strength will now rise

And in that moment you could see the cold steel in her eyes

Because the gender war ended that night

And she was triumphant

And the whole world changed

As it became the female domination age.

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