It’s not you it’s them

It felt like a blast

That blew away

Both my knee caps

When I felt the blow

Of heartbreak

That left me sad

But after staggering

And feeling myself fall

I got back up

And stood tall

In defiance of it all

Kept my head

As well my chin

I resolved to begin again

For I deserve

To be loved

And if this person

Didn’t think I was enough

Then that’s their loss

And I will find someone who

Will love me

And wish to be true

Why waste another moment

On somebody who that cruel

And says those words to you

That I no longer love you

Just hold on

Because believe me one day

Something better

Will come your way

Keep your heart open

For your true love to walk in

And let the happiness begin

Because it won’t you it was them

That wasn’t good enough.

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