A life of fusion reacting

Caught in a whirlpool

Of incandescent light

Spiralling down

In a never ending flight

Spinning around

Hearing no sound

This experience

So profound

With subtle nuances

Of neutrino sparks

Atomic particles

Threaten to tear me apart

Yet the light stretches out

Into voids and realms

Shooting in and out

Of different dimensions

Fragmented and sparkling

Stars all around

My peripheral vision

As I head towards the ground

Of the Luminescent glow

Of all that’s within

Heading to the source

Where all existence begins

Like kinetic energy

Bouncing off walls

Creating energy

Like never before

A concussion an fusion

React to this all

And explodes in to harmony

And a moonlit nightfall

Where I lay supine

On the grass

Looking up at the stars

Do you drift off in dreams

Then return wondering where you are.

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