We need change and that’s the truth

We’ve become so domesticated

To believe love, peace and kindness

Are just utopian dreams

Fanciful ideas not based in reality

We’re told to get a grip

And to live in the real world

But the only thing that stops this happening is you and me,

We can bring about a change

We can bring about a shift

But we can’t wait around

Expecting others to do this

It takes each and everyone of us

To examine the way we live

And each and everyone of us to be the change in the way we exist

Are you really happy living

With war, hate violence and fear

Are you really happy about the inequality that exists here.

They divide us by encouraging us to take a side

Otherwise they say that your just sitting on a fence

But what if neither side offers equality for all

What if both sides we see are different sides of the same face

That they represent the same beast

That’s messing up this state

Politics is so wrong now in its endemic ways

Corruption flows right through it

As people’s lives are laid to waste

Because there is no love, peace and kindness systemic within it

It just a race for money and power

And how much they can abuse it

But through our domesticated ways

We do nothing to change it

Because we are told that’s how it is

So we have just got used to it

We deserve more

We should shout more

We should bring about a shift

But my worry is we’ve just decided it’s easier to accept it

And think there’s nothing we can do

And change is a futile truth

If you think this way my friend

Then I feel sorry for you

And the whole world too.

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