Steam rises up from sidewalk grates

The sounds of the city is dense and cacophonous these days,

As dark and shadows all that’s seen

As the light has given way

And nature has just turned to dust

Made way for brick, glass and neon lust,

Wall to wall media and advertising

Government messages prioritising

How people should live life,

Driverless cars stacked end to end

And new age miniature space ships cruise in flight,

Around these congested city streets

As the acid rain pours down on the people beneath,

Scurrying around speaking a multitude of languages

This is the result of technology,

When it’s pushed without thought in the name of greed,

Half of society now robotic

But people forgot even tech can be satanic,

Like the old satanic mills of long ago past,

That hides the death and oppression

The awakened know,

Will we ever be able to regain the light?

Will we ever be able to put this right,

Very little food and conspiracy theories akin too Soylent Green

This world’s not big enough for you and me,

The human population has spread like a cancerous disease,

A virus eating it’s host ravenous,

Is this a future that we want to see

And technological nightmare

And stuff of bad dreams,

Illuminated by a neon light scene.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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