My love, my muse

Lovers kiss

Let me taste your lips,

Lovers touch

I want you to want so much,

Silky satin skin

Let me begin,

To trace my fingers over you

Doing what you want me too,

Watch my hands

Moving over your body,

Tantalising revitalising,

I want your body energising,

To my stimulus

As we slowly kiss,

Feel my hands undressing you,

Nothing you can do,

You melt in my arms,

You succumb to my charms,

I want to leave you breathless,

I watch as you writhe,

I feel your body beneath me

Feeling you encouraging,

As you arch your back

Eagerness you won’t lack,

As you feel the essence flow

Can you feel your passion grow,

As your breath gets faster now,

As your heart races,

As the moans rips

From between your lips

And you peak,

To the rhythm and to the loving beat,

To the desire in both you and me

We come together so blissfully

Connected by a sensual erotic need,

I look into your eyes,

So very deep,

To ensure there is pleasure glowing within,

Because I want to give a valentine gift,

That will leave your heart pounding

And leave you announcing,

It’s the best valentines moment that you’ve ever known,

A valentine moment that will make our connection grow

And to love each other so,

Please just let me know

If you desire this so,

My love, you’re my muse,

Which is why I so want you.

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