Drug trade truths

We are living in an age

where everything just gets extreme

and this washes down onto the streets,

where life is brutal and it’s mean

among the people who want to get rich

and sell hard drugs for profit,

life has become so cheap now

and all the victims families know it,

people kill for drugs, they die for drugs

but who really is behind it,

they say it’s the drug gangs and all the drug lords

but is that really true

or is it in compliance with those who are ruling over you,

along with multi nationals who see the wealth in this trade,

they hide away in shadows

paying others to do their dirty work

an blaming everybody else,

it beggars belief to me that governments cannot stop the flow,

or do they see it as an anesthetic for the peoples souls,

keep those who are addicted dumbed down and ignorant

so that they don’t get smart and see the problems that exist,

I believe if there was a will too stop the drug traffic and trade

they could all get together and stop it almost straight away

but to many fingers are in that pie and that’s an simple fact,

the export and import of illegal drugs keeps the rich cats fat.

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