He surprised her

She knew her husband was not the suspicious kind

And she had lurid thoughts that played on her mind

So she invited over a friend of hers

She had a fancy for him

And the obsession was getting worse

She dressed up in gym clothes

Hoping her figure would catch his eye

Tall, slim, long legs firm bum

And hair done up in bun

Leggings and a crop top vest

She was ready for him

When he came round she lured him seductively in

And in the quickest of times she was surrendering to him

He gave her was she craved and she gave as much back

She was not the type to lay supine on her back

They wrestled and writhed on the sofa and on the floor

She even found herself up against the wall

This was never how it normally was

Her and her husband never did this

Normal for them was a few minutes then off to sleep

But this carried all morning

She thought as if she would burst

She wanted as much as she could

She wanted to go until it almost hurt

When her friend left she felt she could hardly move at all

When her husband came home she had barely recovered at all

He looked and said it seems you’ve had a hard day

It must have some work out to be exhausted all of the day

She wondered if he was suspicious but he soon laid this to rest

He said he knew what she had done

Because he had discussed with her best friend

And he had told him that she was the best

She was shocked and scared how he’d react

But he smiled and said

‘I wish had told me so I could have known about it,

Its something I’d thought about,

Watching you or knowing knowing you were with other men

It doesn’t make me jealous it’s simply turns me on

That they fill a void that I can’t fill just makes sense

It bring some spice to life and a marriage that had got boring’

This music to her ears as he said it was fine

‘Just do me a favour he said let me know so I can enjoy next time.’

Via: Daily Prompt: suspicious

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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