Big city life

It’s easy to get lost in the big cities

Underneath the high rise towers

It’s easy to get swallowed up

By the skyscraper power

Claustrophobic and intimidating

A swathe of fluorescent lights bathing us

Traffic everywhere dazzling us with their beams

This could the most intimidating place anyone could be

And round every corner down every alleyway

Lurks malevolent creatures of prey

Hoping and praying you will stray

So that they can feast on you, that’s what they crave.

Big cities are so impersonal

A multitude of people scurrying around

Large wide sidewalks make you feel small

Under buildings that are so tall

And yet when everyone is out and about

The sidewalks mange to seem to small

It’s never ending brawl

To fight your way the the crowded sprawl

Blank expressionless people who seem to not care

But their all in their own world

All trying the same as you to survive

All feeling the same intimidation

Under the fluorescent and neon lights,

Give me small town or country life

To me that’s a better place I find to thrive.

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