Not another school massacre

What’s the answer to gun crime

Another high school massacre,

Turn these schools into fortresses

Spend lots of money keeping gunmen out,

Working out complex systems to keep everybody safe,

Yet the honest truth and the simplest solution

Is staring you right in your face,

Take away the guns and people are safe

Giving everybody a gun is insane

Do it in the name of the constitution

This is what those who lead say

Buy a gun it will make you feel safe

Or is about lining the pockets of the arms trade

Of which governments are invested in

Making them rich as the blood flows

Sating their greed as the violence flows

After the massacre anger grows

Natural reaction we all know

Words of sympathy from those who allow this to continue

Through a veil of lies

How can saying arming people saves lives

It’s a twisted distorted view

Proportion by those who

Benefit through the bloodshed and the death

And they are not worried who it happens to next

Because they know it won’t be them in their ivory towers

Protected by their power.

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