Break free

It’s the same thing every day

Go to work in my case by train

I travel an hour each day

Feeling I am somehow in chains

To the routine so mundane

I need to breakaway

But it’s not easy in a life where we have earn money to exist

And so we sell our selves and our souls to this

Doing what we can just trying to get by

Simply striving to survive

I am hatching an escape plan

But I am foiled at each twist and turn

I try hard to learn

Where it is I am going wrong

Maybe it’s where I belong

But I don’t believe I was born to work, pay bills and die

Surely this is not how my life will be defined

But if I do not break out

If I do not change things

This is how it’s going to be

And so I need to break free

And I am trying hard believe me

Maybe one day I will get lucky.

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