Self created cell

A fluorescent lit concrete corridor

At each end I see solid metal doors

And in the flickering of a few failing tubes

I see how our life is just like a zoo

Pacing up and down, contained in a cell

Restricted within our own self created hell

Some of us are going crazy because we need to break free

Others turn off their minds and accept it all and are happy

But is this living?

I don’t think that it is

I want so much more now that just to exist

Once your eyes and mind are open and you see true conscious reality

You no long can or want to go back to sleep paralysis

So I look for ways to break out of this fluorescent lit corridor

Look for ways to smash down the walls or break down the doors

I need to break out of this self created cell

I need to escape and find beauty in which to dwell.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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