Hard truths

I sit here wondering

How did it come to this

A life of struggle

Working to earn money

In a forlorn hope to exist

And I analyse my life

And work out who’s to blame

I look at myself time and again

And I know it’s all on me

Why I am struggling

In financial poverty

I always believe in taking

Responsibility and accountability

For mistakes I’ve made

And life I lived

And when opportunity arise I ask

Did u make the most of it

My parents never helped much or pushed me when at school

But they loved me unconditionally

So there is no fault there at all

I was an average student

Who missed out on special needs

I also missed out in being seen as gifted and talented

And so I drifted along and everyone was happy with that

Knowing what I know now I should have motivated myself

That is a true and honest fact

So it’s all on me

Which has meant never really getting big buck jobs

Nobody has or is willing to give me the chance to show my abilities

But once again that’s nobody else’s fault

So it’s all on me

Sitting thinking of my life and mistakes that I made

And missed opportunities doesn’t make me feel good but what can I say

My life is now the way it is because of bad choices I made

And not working hard enough

It’s very difficult to admit I must say

But it’s truthful and it’s honest

I wonder if you do the same

It’s all on me my friend

That I am in hardship this day

It hurts so much and I feel the pain if living desperate from day to day.

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