My journey to spirituality

I did not come to spirituality

Like some people do through an epiphany

I came to it through conscious thought and grief

That doesn’t make me less worthy

At a time of great loss where many lose faith

I rediscovered mine which was hiding

When many people ask why this loss

When they question any God at all

And if everything happens for a reason

Then why please did this happen to me?

Truth I found within spirituality

An understanding as well as a belief

That something’s are bigger than me

That some answers maybe beyond me

That in the scheme of things

Though things seems so harsh and cruel

You have to look beyond ego

And it all being about you

And that sometimes things happen

That nobody and nothing can control

And that’s just the way of it

And that is just the truth of it

But through my conscious mind I was lead here

And with open mind, open eyes I discovered this blessing

Of spirituality and awakening

That before I was too blind too see

So no, though I did not have an epiphany

This spiritual journey has still been wondrous to me

One that before I may never have believed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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