Passively observing

Our ecology is in danger

You passively observe

Our humanity is is in danger

You passively observe

When all you do is passively observe

Bad things continue unchallenged and that’s absurd

Why is it you can only passively observe

Is it because of fear or have you just lost your nerve

As a result you merely passively observe

As the oceans fill with plastic and our air fills with pesticide

And animals going extinct

And you just simply hide

Unable and impotent to even fight

To distracted by those whole control your mind

So you passively watch as these unconscionable acts go by

And as humanity kills itself and edges closer to self extinction

You still just sit back and passively observe

What will take for you to stand up and demand change

No longer passively observing

But acting independently and when we all unite as one

We will be the ungovernable force

That change the way we live.

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