Something is wrong with society

When you see someone sleeping on the streets

So cold, so rough, so weak,

How can you not feel a need to weep

And wonder what’s going on with our society

How can you not be affected by this

Unless you are lacking any empathy

How is it you can stand there and judge

Is it simply because you are devoid of love

How can you not see something has gone wrong

We live in a system that punishes the weak

Rewards the strong

And some may say that’s how nature works

But I do not agree

We are different and pride ourselves on being sentient beings

And as such we can make choices

Live helping others up

When they stumble and they fall

This is what I call love

It’s also kindness

It’s so compassion

A sense of being

That now seems to have gone out of fashion.

12 thoughts on “Something is wrong with society

  1. I agree with you 💯 only yesterday there was an accident in the city where two college students were trapped in an overturned car for half an hour bleeding and hurt. People watched taking pics and making videos but no one called the police or an ambulance let alone rescue them. One of them died. If people would have reacted positively then he would have been alive!

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      1. I am not in this for likes, (just as well lol) I do this to get a message out there, to wake people up and stimulate thoughts about the world we live in and the way we live.


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