Cosmological dreaming

Shadows dancing off moonlit walls

I feel the longing of the universes call

Stars reach out to me and beckon me hither

I feel the power and begin to wither

Not knowing that as a tiny insignificant speck

That life is not beyond me yet

Dazzling dancing swirling light

Filigree incandescent angels in flight

I find myself drawn by moonlight

To sit here captivated be the delight

Of cosmic tunes playing in my head

As visions trace a starry thread

Of quantum meaning that leaves me blessed

I have to admit I am obsessed by everything

I see in the night sky

Which is universally created by my minds eye

Then a speck I am no more

And though still in grace and awe

It’s now within how our conscious mind works

To paint these pictures

To create such scenes

Of cosmological quantum dreams.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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