Sons of God’s and daughters of men

Your under my skin

And I can’t begin,

To imagine

Being without you again,

You’re like a drug

An amphetamine boost,

You’ve got me addicted

That is the truth,

We are Nephilim.

You are the daughters of men

We are Sons of God’s,

Yet somehow you

Drew us in,

With you beautiful looks

And your delicate ways,

We knew at once

We could not be saved,

From falling in love with you

We succumbed to the truth,

That we had become addicted to you,

We are Nephilim.

We gave up the halls

Of heavenly life,

We came down

To see the beautiful sights,

Of feminine grace

And to sample the bliss,

Of savouring on your sweet kiss,

Daughters of men you maybe

But as a Sons of Gods

You enticed me beyond belief,

We wanted to spend our lives with you,

Give up everything and that’s the truth

We are Nephilim.

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