My premonition

Call it a premonition

Or call it intuition

But if we carry on destroying

Our earth’s environment

Then I think the futures bleak for us

And we may one day bring about our self extinction

Once we have done with driving other species the same way

I find it hard to comprehend

How we can let corporations enact greedy destructive ends

Without holding them too account

The same goes for governments

We have all learn to understand

This earths not a never ending resource

And to exploit it the way we do

Leaves me with a feeling of remorse

We Cannot carry be ignorant and arrogant

And saying its just fear mongering and I don’t care

This planet is our only home

Which was given to us all to share

Not to carve up and to sell to the highest bidder

And to the one percent rich

This earth is a precious unique paradise

And not some fat cats resource for them to solely use and abuse it.

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