I believe in you

You stare into oblivion

Gazing into the darkness,

I see that look of concentration,

I witness your consternation

And feel your frustration,

At the futility if how you see your life to be,

You seem to have lost all belief

Not just in everything

But also in yourself,

And it’s wreaking havoc

With your mental health,

Please look away

Gaze in to the light,

See your potentiality,

Find your self belief and inner peace,

Stop fighting wars within yourself

And start to find the love,

Forgive yourself for you’ve done nothing wrong,

This is a love song

And I am sending it to you,

Its not your swansong

You’ve got so much more to do,

So just hang on and stay strong

I have been here with you all along

And I am not about to walk away,

So look away

From oblivion,

So look away

From the darkness

And look within and find the light I see in you

And believe that you can do all you want to,

I believe in you.

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