Listening without being heard

So many listen

Too few hear

Just hear the words I speak

I make them simple

And I make them clear

No fancy meanderings

Through the literary realms

To make myself look clever

I want my message to be heard

I want you to know that

Love and compassion fills you heart

I try to expound this in my art

My words of of emotions

They are full of passion too

But most of all my words resonate the truth

They speak the words that those who rule

Or like to control or abuse

Do not want you hearing

Simply because of them they want you fearing

But there is nothing to fear but fear itself

You can be stronger and more amazing

If you learn to understand and love yourself

And you will see all spelt out within my very words

Break out be an individual

Don’t simply follow the heard

And don’t repeat what others say

Speak your thoughts in your own words

And you will find me listening

Because like me you need to be heard

When you explain you found the truth

That life is quite absurd

And we should wake up from this dream

And refuse and reject the need to serve

So when listening or reading please pay attention to the words

That are meant to ease your suffering and hurt.

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