Love cast out

Cast out and ashamed

People did not mention her name

She roamed the streets

Scavenged to eat

In a judgemental world

That saw her as weak

For loving someone that she shouldn’t

And though she was cast out he was allowed

To carry on his unhindered

She though he loved her

But he considered sticking by her

And being cast out too

Was just too much for him to do

So he left to face this life alone

And remains in the comfort of his warm and loving home

Because he was forgiven

And she was punished

No she roams this life diminished

Without even that love or memory of it too hold on to

And it left her angry, bitter and confused

And through the dirt that smeared her face

And her clothes that were such a ragged disgrace

The remained a feminine beauty hidden beneath

The wild exterior that now exists

And that she needs to survive on these streets

And her dry eyes no no longer have the capacity to weep

And sadly she has lost all her belief

In love and humanity.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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