Life in the mire

She was looking for something to call her own

When she decided to strike out and leave home

But nobody told how hard the streets can be

The gangsters, the drugs and the poverty

And everybody is just striving to survive

And do whatever it takes to stay alive

People on the streets can be victims of abuse

Or struggling with mental health issue

Many have depression or bipolar

Too few chose this way of life of harm

It assaults your body, it assails your mind

If you do this to understand it you’re wasting your time

Because as she found you can only know

By experiencing the highs and lows

Is to be apart of it and be in it deep

Living day to day on the streets

And from being a child of big ideas

She became a victim of all her fears

She lost hope and fell through the cracks

Went to a level where you don’t come back

Now people may say she got her way

When she decided to run away

But a compassionate and kind heart would not agree

And would go out their way out of empathy

To save this girl who became a lost

And who before her time got aged and old

By the harness of the streets and the people you meet

Who prey and exploit absolutely anything

That you may have going for you

Turn you onto the game and get you hooked on drug abuse

To ensure you do what they want you to do

So spare a thought for people on the street

Their life isn’t pretty and definitely not sweet

And most are there not through their own fault

And once down there you are caught

In a life of desperation and so much despair

You lose all hope because nobody cares

And you end up do anything you can to survive

This is a tale of a life in the mire.

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