Mind train

Train your mind

Refine it by design

To love yourself

And discover happiness.

Your untrained mind

Is not your friend you’ll find

Leads you in negativity

Leaves you feeling unhappy.

Through the trained mind

We can achieve all we believe

Everything we dream of being

Because we’re focused on positivity.

4 thoughts on “Mind train

  1. I just got back into doing some falun gong and I started trying to practice the second exercise as I was going through the moves piece by piece I was having trouble trying to quiet my mind. Then out of no where when I got the final piece of the exercise i felt an infinite hit me in my minds eye i saw a bunch of what i would say “waves” of energy washing all around me. This move is more or less a type of qigong that uses stillness of the body and i very heavily neglected those types of moves because i don’t like staying still when doing qigong but i have noticed that when i practice them that my bones gain a bit of strength to them.

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