There’s never been a time of peace

There has never been a time

When there has been peace

That worries me about humanity

And its potential ability

To evolve and transform to higher frequencies

It seems to me we’re our own worst enemies

Carrying out applying atrocities

But I gotta believe and keep the faith

That one day we will see the error of our ways

And I just gotta hope the good people will come through

Be honest and tell the truth

And that everyone else will hear what they say

And banish the hateful warmongers away

I gotta keep believing and standing strong

Gotta keep my belief and keep hanging on

Because if we give up all hope

What’s the point of going on day to day

Because its all going to just be a waste

Of our time, energy and love

So I say a prayer to creation up above

To help show the humanity unity is a must

And that only through becoming one

Bonding together in peace and love

Are we ever going to bring about a change

And evolve and transform one day.

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