Your life, no one else can live it for you

People submit to religion and church

Hopeful that by doing so they won’t get hurt

Surrendering all choices and decision away

But that’s what why we were made

To surrender so as to be absolved

Of all mistakes and bad things that happen along the way

We were given this life to live

To express ourselves and be creative

To understand we are responsible for everything in our lives

That we can’t just delegate decisions and our choices

To those who are keen to take them so as to control you

You’ve only one life and its all up to you

Only you know what it is you want to do

Only you can make the decisions that you have to choose

It’s your path nobody elses

Nobody else can walk it for you

So take responsibility don’t try to give it away

Stand strong in the face of life and don’t allow yourself to be swayed.


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