Right to live

A right to free movement

A right to live

Where we want

Should be our perogative

We should not feel that we can not roam

Or decide to set down new roots

Or to find a new home.

Borders are a man made concept

Nothing to with nature or creations set up

They were created by those who wish to rule

Making it easy for them control

Dividing people into smaller groups

Then instilling within them a tribal instinct,

Selling them an identity of nationhood

Proud to march under flags and anthems

Creating many individual races

This started back as further than the dark ages

Almost since the dawn of man

A flaw that may see us all dammed

Unless we begin to evolve back into a state

The we started off as

Just one race

That allows everyone to share

And move around the planet

Sharing cultures, faith and love

Sharing the wealth of which there’s more than enough

Working in communities to create much more

One mass co-operative force

Respecting the resources of this earth

Not just exploiting it for all its worth

But nurturing and using permaculture to grow

The foundations of the seeds we grow

And fostering tolerance between us all

Building a peace that is eternal

Putting an end to war through self rule

Existentialism becomes the new tool

Of being your own authority

Showing kindness and compassion to all

This is my dream I share with you all

One race

One love

One peace is may call.

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