Speak words of meaning

Speak words from the heart

Speak words of passion and meaning

Resonate your conscious thoughts

And the imaginary your dreaming

Spread the words of love and light

And never stop believing that all you say

However you say it is not important

Because we all come with a message

We all are for a reason

The trick to find out what it is within yourself

And then convey to others the best you can without distraction

It’s to easy to fall in to the illusory life

And to forget you’re on a mission

That you are for a purpose

Too many lost and lonely souls just end up drifting

Through life with its material synthetic comforts

That draw you in and leave you thinking its all good

And some end up corrupted thinking money is the goal

That building up a wealth and celebrating your pot of gold

Shows a life well lived and worthy

Having done little else

To spread the message to show you care

You neglected yourself

And lost the meaning of what life is truly all about

Compassion, kindness, love and light

This reflects a meaningful life

Not how much you are worth

And all those creature comforts

They can give up true happiness over a life time

So look within and find meaning

In actions and in words

And find a way to help ease humanities and this worlds hurt.

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