Symphony of life

I admire from my window

The symphony of life

Both the good times

And the bad times

Days of laughter

Days of strife

And though I know I am going under

It’s not like its the first time I’ve been here

I see the world dancing to life’s symphony

And I know ow longer really fear

What’s the worst thing that can happen

As long as I keep holding on

Things will be OK in the end

I will get through

I will try to, build things up again

Because in the end that’s what I always do

And as long as I do, then I will never lose

Because its all part of life’s symphonies

So spare me a little sympathy

That the tune I have to dance too

Is a sad song

But know I will keep smiling

And k ow this much is true

I will dedicate my symphony

To the love for all you.

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