A love that never ages

Though many summers had passed them both by

He saw the young woman he took to be his wife

Though both now showed the lines of age and times

Both now grey it did not define

The love he first found with his sweet love

And though they had been through so much

He still perceived the beauty

That first caught his eye and that will never leave

And though now in those autumn years

The love they felt they both held dear

And though time was reducing down for them

They lived and loved in every present moment

Making memories and dreams

That they could hold onto

Not just in this lifetime

But also the world beyond

For they both knew their love was not fleeting

But would last many lifetimes as energy eternal

So they lived and they loved each day as if it was the last

As if it we that first meeting that they had

When they first met in the long ago past.

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