Her heart has been broken..


Her heart had been broken

So many times.

She remembered

And recounted them

Over so many lifetimes

But they never broke her down

She always got on and loved again

Because she knew

She was strong enough

To handle the pain

She never gave

The power to those

Who had betrayed her heart

Because she was strong enough

To find a new love again

And she never feared

Her heart being broken again

It wasn’t love to blame

It was people time and again

But she never lost faith

She knew a good person

Would come her way

In every lifetime

It was always this way

And she learned from the hurt

She got stronger from the pain

Now she loves like a cyclone

And she blows people away

But if you hold on in their

You’ll she her loves insane

And the best you can get

Time and time again

Just return that love

Don’t break her heart again

Show her she’s right

To keep holding on to the faith.

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