I am provoked

By many things

Corporate greed businessmen

Destroying our planet

Polluting the land

And poisoning our food.

I am provoke by

People who sound

A call to arms

To start a other war without a cause.

I am provoked by

People who lack

Any compassion at all

People who mistreat animals

And think its alright to

Hunt and wear fur

When really thinking

There for us to abuse

Is quite absurd.

I get provoked by

Your sweet beauty

By the body that you cherish

And is so shapely

I am drawn in by

Your intellectual mind

But most of all that

You agree with

On these topics

Of hate, destruction greed and misery

Because your empathic

Much the same as me

We both want to bring about

A world of love and peace

So that’s why you provoke me

Into feeling the way I do about you.

Via:Daily Prompt: Provoke

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