Natures guardians

How did I find myself here

In a place alien to me

A place vertigo and huge redwood trees

Laying on loamy soil head spinning around

I see the blackish blue skies

Yet I hear no sound

There’s a assembly of figures

Darting here and there

Spectre in movement

Floating in the suffocating air

I see them dance and weave

Like phantoms without a care

I am not sure if they notice me

I am in paralysis

Unable to move at all

Not one little bit

I watch them dance the dance of the Vanities

Around the bonfire

Their movements are of stealth

Yet have no feet, they’re floating

Yet they’re still not noting me

Who are these alien beings

And it’s if through thoughts they hear me

They whisper their name

We are Arrohim

We are spirits of the twilighting

We dwell in forests paying home to the Eldritch trees

We respect and tend to all of natures needs

We are the permaculturalists sowing creations seed

So that one day when humanity is gone

This planet, this earth will surely carry on

You have the choice to travel back into your life

Or you can join us and become spiritual sprites

And ensure that nature shines is beautiful light so bright

So unsure I was but with little to leave behind

I chose to join them and leave mankind behind.

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