On wings of death

She broke through the door of the laboratory, this tall young sylph like woman with dark hair tied back into a pony tail. She had no idea what to expect in this sterile white pristine lab. Her mission was to break in and liberate what was being held their in incubation. She had a gun holstered on each hip and had used them extensively on her way to the lab. She looked around the lab, saw a computer and went through what was up on the screen. It spoke of hybrid being and tearing DNA. She looked again toward the incubator, wondered if what was in there was best left. That wasn’t her mission though, so she walked over and used the buttons on the digital display to open it. Upon opening she found herself staring at a child aged about 10 years old. She waited looking at the little girl with long blonde hair and porcelain coloured skin and wondered what was so important about her. As she stared, the little girl open her eyes, she looked at the older woman for a moment, ‘hi my name is Cassie, who are you?’ she was smiling with an innocence long forgotten by the woman. ‘I am Naomi, and we need to go now,’ she cringed as she said that for it came out harsher then she meant but life has been harsh lately. She helped Cassie up and led her through the white corridors leading from the lab to the exit. Cassie looked around at all the bodies and blood on the floor that littered their way, ‘Naomi, did you do all this?’ Cassie’s demeanour was very casual, disturbing so Naomi thought. ‘Yes they got in my way and posed a threat. I am an assassin, so I had to eliminate the threat.’ Cassie, holding Naomi’s hand looked up at her and spoke sweetly, ‘if I pose a threat would you eliminate me too?’ ‘No, that’s not in my remit. My mission is to liberate you from the lab and return you to my headquarters.’ Cassie and Naomi reached the exit, just before opening the door Cassie said, ‘everyone wants to eliminate me because of what they made me,’ Naomi could see tears in the child’s eyes, ‘don’t worry, I won’t let anyone harm you.’ As Naomi opened the door she saw a group of 25 heavily armed soldiers pointing guns at them, these where on her side, or so she thought but in the instant she heard the first burst of gunfire, she knew the parameters had changed, pushing Cassie back into the corridor she used her athletic and gymnastic skills to somersault whilst drawing her guns to fire back. She knew she had too few bullets left and there were too many of them. She landed having taken out at least twelve. She landed on one knee caught a light out of her peripheral vision and looked towards the door. In that split second moment everything was quiet and still, then she saw Cassie appear through the doorway, flying on large filigree wings, radiating in white incandescent, she glanced at Naomi, her eyes burning white hot fire, then looking back toward the soldiers her eyes shot the white hot flame like a flamethrower and incinerated everyone of them as she let out a high pitched shrill that threatened to deafen Naomi. Cassie then lowered herself until her feet touched the ground. Her wings retracted, her eyes were once again the purest blue, they were before. ‘Naomi, I don’t like this. I don’t want to hurt people but I couldn’t let them hurt you. Can you help me so I don’t have to do that again.’ Naomi saw the pain in her visage and nodded, ‘yes, baby’ she retorted, ‘as long as I am around, no one is going to make you do that again.’ she wasn’t scared of Cassie but for her. She k ew what being used as a weapon was like. ‘We are going somewhere, so that we will never be found and neither of us will ever hurt anyone again.’

Some years later a man dressed in shabby black trousers, t-shirt and jacket wandering through Lhasa in Tibet saw a young girl and older woman in long Buddhist robes carrying bowls of food to the needy, he disappeared down an alley to report his findings to his superiors, when he looked back to the females they were gone. In that moment he felt his head gripped and his neck snap. Naomi was standing over his lifeless body. ‘We kill only where we maybe killed or maybe captured and used to kill. Remember that.’ Cassie now taller, and more beautiful than ever for a 14 year old nodded solemnly, ‘I understand. Thank you, I owe you so much.’ Naomi smiled at the young teen, she knew if caught Cassie would be used as a weapon of mass destruction. ‘We both owe each other thanks. Now we have work to do. The needy require food. She called two men over, they were homeless types but were their flock, they picked up the man’s corpse and took it for disposal. Cassie and Naomi returned to their chores.

Via:Daily Prompt: Incubator.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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