Nightmarish life

Oh, fear and fright

That’s part of life

Brought about

Through left and right

People who claim

Visionary sight

That causes much

Loss of so much life

And the rumble of tanks

Rolling on

And the blasts

From various explosions

Aren’t heard

In the corridors of power

Those in control need not fear

The doomsday hour

No fear of hearing planes overhead

Symbols of impending death

Leaving women and children

Gasping their last breath

Made from biological dread

Chemical warfare

Does not exist

Except in places such as this

Where life is void and life is cheap

Death always stalks the street

And leaves trails of blood

Among the rubble

Systematic of a nations struggle

Bombed virtually into non existence

Left behind poverty stricken and defenceless

Once a thriving striving land

Now destroyed by its fellow man.

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