I patiently bide my time

As I look you in the eyes as we kiss

I patiently wait for us both to feel that moment of bliss

Through our deep connection

And through our passion and love

I hope that in this moment

It may be enough

For the light to shine

And our hearts to rise

And for this moment we dwell in

It maybe that we’ll find what heaven is

And in this present time while I look you in the eyes

We will transport both our conscious minds

To an aspect of of existence that’s pure and divine.

Via: Daily Prompt: Patience

7 thoughts on “Patience

  1. They say “patience is a virtue”. Sometimes things are worth waiting for and other times we have to cut our losses and move on. Life being a roller coaster can be a good thing, as without the lows in life we can forget to appreciate the highs. Fun is always around the corner, we just need to remember never to cut corners.

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  2. May your every word come true today … but remember that with every up moment there is a down, with every joy there is a sorrow. The ride up, enjoy it, as you describe it here. The ride down embrace it and learn to value it equally. Avoid becoming overly connected to either experience. When “we remain stuck or attached to something, know that that is limiting our perception.”

    How will you interact and influence others? I hope you always move “in the up” and in “the joy” direction in your Spiritual Quest when touching others. ~ Peace

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    1. . My life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and I have leant to em race the ride and find positivity where I can. I looked to influence people through actions and words of compassion, love, peace and kindness, manifesting happiness, understanding and tolerance. May the light of creation resonate with you always.

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