Invisible me, always unseen


Invisible is how I feel

never seen, never heard

and when I articulate my words

things just seem to get worse

and I wish I had not spoken

so I go back to being invisible.

it does not matter if something is wrong with me

it’s insignificant it seems

when your invisible, no one ever cares

when you’re invisible

they barely notice that you’re there

and the things you have to say don’t count

discussions happen but you’re left out

when you’re invisible

you go by unnoticed and unheard all the time

it can drive you crazy, you go out you’re mind

wishing you could be seen

but you remain invisible

day after day

and as time passes you don’t care

literally just remain a ghost there

living out you life

accepting that you have no value

except when they wish to take stuff out on you

that’s when, you wish you could remain invisible

but they see you when it suits them

and ignore you when they don’t need you again

I am just a ghostly apparition.

Via: Daily Prompt: Invisible

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