I say…


Some people

Live life in the grey

Live life in the shadows

And are dismayed

By the pressure and stress

And expectation in life.

They cannot seem

To find the light

So I say don’t give up them

Reach out a hand

And hear what they say

I say help them each day

As an act of kindness

Reach out to them I say

Show them a lot of support

Showing them you care

Show the a lot of love

Show them that you’re there

Be a difference in life

Don’t ignore them

And think they’re not right

We all need help sometimes

Things don’t alway go to well for you

Guide lost souls to the light

Try give them hope

And a glimpse that it will be alright

I say reach out to those in need

You never know when it could be you and me

Create a more compassionate society

I say help set them free

From the cycle of depression and fear

From the belief that they should not be hear

I say help save a life

Help people who struggle

Believe there is light

And not just shadows

And not just darkness.

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