Cosmic talisman


She had a a bracelet adorned with crystals

that she carried as a talisman,

it offered good luck, good hope, good light and love,

and for the most part it always worked

it ensured that she never got too hurt

she swore by it and would not let it go

she used to say she got it from the universe

she always said it was of too much cosmic worth

to let it go and that it was connected to gaia

connected to the matrix and the earth

drawing on their powers and that of the galaxy

the infinity of multiverse eternally

it worked for her, she never was hurt

was it the bracelet or her positive faith and belief

did it really radiate universal bliss

or was it simply about the depths to which she wished

this talisman to be true to her

and to guard her from being hurt.


Via: Daily Prompt: Talisman

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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