We are all human after all

We are all human

We make mistakes

That’s part of living

Don’t worry

Do not be afraid

I won’t judge you

And though the others may

They’re insignificant anyway

Don’t doubt or beat yourself up

After all there are others ready to do it for you.

We live and learn by trying

Some highlight mistakes and say your failing

But the only time you fail

Is when you do not try at all

So don’t worry what the others say

They’re no better anyway

The are flawed and make mistakes too

Everything is perfectly flawed in truth.

7 thoughts on “We are all human after all

  1. So true “So don’t worry what the others say/ They’re no better anyway”. We all are the same – human beings, with the same birthrights. We all have our own truth for nobody has the universal truth. Thank you for sharing your great lines!


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