Let’s stop vivisection

Quite creeps across the meadows

Something wrong and evil lurks

Big grey building, smoke emitting

Some kind of devilment is at work

Gates, electric made of iron cameras scanning everywhere

What secrets are behind these walls?

How much pain and suffering do they cause?

The smoke in this early morning dew

Gives a clue to what’s occurring.

They are testing and experimenting on animals

In the countryside of England’s green and pleasant land

Hiding away their evil deeds

Disguising the death and decay

Why are they suffering for us

They don’t wear the cosmetic stuff

They don’t smoke and they don’t drink

Why are they suffering for human medical advancement?

What about their care?

What about their lives?

Do they not have rights too,?

They are not put here for us to use and abuse

To kill and maim, that’s the truth

And creatures respond differently to me and you

So the drugs and stuff they test

By that rule aren’t always that safe

But they’ll lie to me and you

And say medical advancements are because of animal abuse

Lies and cruelty presented to you

Believing is a choice, what do you choose

I choose the end of animal cruelty

I choose the end of animal abuse

For now and all eternity.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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