Life of bitterness and regret

I am not part of the hypocritical moral majority

That buys the lies of the media and oligarchies

I am part of society that is fully awakened

That is fully aware of themselves

And what we are and where we fit in

Not just in society but also in the universal paradigm

We may all be conscious

Yet some are still content following

Conforming to man made rules

Conforming to man made religions

Conforming to man made suffering

Never thinking for themselves

Never questioning anything

Just standing in line waiting for their rewards

No living their lives at all

Not in their way the way they wish too

But in the way the were taught and brought up too

In the comfort zone, never in control

Repeating the systems lies like a mantra

Digesting the poison they are spoon fed

Taking it when your old so you’ve nothing left

Only to realise with your last breath

The life you’ve lived is one of regret.

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