Micro organisms organising

I’ve studied micro organisms

That are more ordered than us

Seen them work together without any fuss

And every single micro organism benefits

From the fruits the labour put in by the whole

Their all organised beyond belief

Working hard together

All pulling the same way

And with no hierarchy

It’s colonies all striving to

Achieve the same end

Trying hard to survive

With combined entwined intentions

To build up strong and to grow

In harmony and bliss

This is what creation intended for us

But we seem to have a missing link

That causes some to want to lead

And pull everything in different directions

And break down the united colony

Into different sections

Until ultimately the structure of the micro organisms break down

And end up slowly dying

The decay and drown

In the mess that ever divided part of the single body created

And saw the once promising creative dream

Feeling eviscerated

In an environment built to sustain them but they desecrated.

Via: Daily Prompt: Micro

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