The healing love

Tell me what you need

I will fulfill it

Tell me how you feel

So I can sense it

Tell me how you ache

And tell me how you burn

So I can maybe learn

To give you what you need

I will satisfy and quench your thirst

I will try to heal your hurts

I will treat you preciously

And soothe you constantly

Feel the warmth of my healing hands

Move over your body

And know that I use energy

And my love to take away your pain

And reignite the light in you

The help your essence flow through

Your chakra from head to toe

I will go places you’ve never known

In an effort to renew your soul.

8 thoughts on “The healing love

    1. not as such but I had an experience a little while back where my step daughters baby was in hospital and he would not stop crying and as everyone was chatting and fussing around I placed my hand on his tummy and just said a healing mantra and he stopped crying and shortly after the hospital said all was fine and sent him home. My partner and step daughter said it was because of that. Maybe. I don’t do it often enough to know if true. Been contemplating doing a reiki course find out if it is an ability.


      1. I asked as I too went for a energy healing/pranic heaving.I like to believe it’s true but I didn’t have that much belief on that so I didn’t continue.a friend of mine had ulcer,I tried on him two three times healing ,he got cured but not sure its due to eng medicine. Or ayurvedic medicine or pranic healing

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