Frantic love

Our love was frantic at times

other times it was tantric

a ball of energy and lust

or sometimes slow and deep

it’s all about connections

and emotions as well as feelings

I look in the eyes of you

and see your heart beating

I watch as I see your chest rise

as your heavy breathing

anticipating what comes next

and needing it extremely urgently.

I take your body in my hands

and throw about frantically

I use my strength to master you

and to command all we do

as I seek to satisfy you

on other occasions

I handle you like a delicate flower

taking care being gentle

stroking your hair

make you feel that no one can care

like I care for you in truth

as I go deep into you

and we rise and fall in harmony

and with the calmness of breeze

but with the same resulting intensity.

You and me are loves dreams in reality

we are frantic, we are calm depending on

the way we feel and breathe.


Via: Daily Prompt: Frantic


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