Satanic hole


I fell deep down into a satanic hole

Some people stated this was hyperbole

But the darkness and the slippery walls

Gave me no chance of purchase at all

And as I slithered down I saw horrific images

Dangerous metaphors and manifestations

Saw evil mechanations

Slaughter creatures and other abominations

Creatures suffering from genetic engineering

Monsters any sane person would be fearing

Screams from the insane I am constantly hearing

Threatening to send me the same way

As I fall deeper down into a grave

Of deepest despair and constant pain

Using my self doubt against me time and again

Using my lack of self love to restrain

Me from finding any gain

From this darkest place and what exactly lays

In the bottom of the hole, this foul smelling grave

I see those I’ve lost suffering in this place

The illusion it creates makes my life seem a disgrace

But I know better but it’s using doubt

And fear of the unknown to psych me out

I feel so vulnerable and also lost

I give up at my own cost

I look for a light then I plan my escape

But as I do I know I’ll never be the same

After seeing these images from beyond the grave

Satanic and dark in that evil place.

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