Nobody’s fool are you?

A wise man is someone who gets

That he knows nothing at all

The man who thinks he’s intellectual

And perceives he knows everything is simply a fool

Living illusions not facing the truth

That all that they know is what they’ve been fed

Conditioned and domesticated from birth

To question nothing which is quite absurd

I’d rather be outcast and seen as a fool

Rather than to end up the systems tool

Marching in line with the rest out of school

A procession of puppets who obey the rules

Compliant non thinking just doing as they are told

Hoping to follow a dream they’ve be sold

Only to regret it when they’re grey and old

Because they never made their unique mark in life

Just did the house, car and family life

Worked 9 times 5 and gave up their life

To make the rich even more rich

And your pension is now not worth a thing

But if that what you strive for then that’s good for you

But understand that no one’s a fool

Because life’s about what we want to do

And that choice should be unique to you.

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